Skating Season has begun!  Come out and skate with us!

Who is St. Louis Speedskating Club?   We are a speedskating club with very competitive, accomplished and passionate speed skaters.  Our skaters and coaches have a hardworking attitude toward speedskating.  For years, we have created the opportunity for speed skaters of all age groups --- Olympic, elite, novice, adult, and recreational -- to excel at rinks in Webster, Chesterfield, Hazelwood and Queeny Park. That’s why we are St.  Louis’ best short track speedskating club. 

Why should you join St. Louis Speedskating Club?  Speedskating is a great way to increase your confidence and fitness during the winter months.  Our mission is to be a forum for all skaters. Many of our alumni have skated on the U.S. Olympic and national teams or won national and state age class championships.  We are proud to boast a reputation for training elite speed skaters and are a unique environment for families to achieve their fitness goals.  As a family sport, speedskating is a great way to make new connections and personally challenge yourself to reach your full potential.  With ice workouts up to four days per week at four rinks throughout St. Louis, we are sure you will find a time and place to fit into you and your family’s schedule.

Our head coach is Tony Knickmeyer, a very accomplished short track speed skater.   Along with the support of our other coaches, some who have Olympic and national team experiences, we have great ideas and plans for the upcoming year.   Tony will use his passion to design speedskating workouts and come up with the right plan for each and every short track skater. 

How do I join?  To join the fun, please to complete our membership form, pay your dues and show up at one of our workouts.   We even will let you try to first session on us free! 

If have any questions regarding our plans for the upcoming season, please feel free to email us.    

We look forward to seeing you at St. Louis Speedskating Club’s ice works starting this September.   We hope you will come join us for the fun...and that all of your speed skating dreams to come true! 

Check out what it feels like to speedskate.

St Louis Speedskating Club has served the St. Louis metropolitan area since 1969.  As a 501(c)(3) organization we are dedicated to the education, development and coaching of short track speedskating.  For more information e-mail

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